Our mission: Helping the Nonprofits to Understand the Small Business They Are

Have you ever wondered who supports the nonprofits who support our local community? That’s what we do at Community First. As a nonprofit leader, you didn’t create your foundation so you could be a dedicated “desk jockey,” struggling with your accounting, dealing with HR headaches, or trying to fight with insurance for the coverage you need. At Community First, we care for you so you can focus on what matters – the people you serve with your mission.


Our Team

  • Jimmy Comer


    Jimmy Comer is a licensed agent in Property and Casualty and Life Insurance agent who has earned...

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  • Chris Smith

    Vice President of Business Services/Co-Owner

    Chris Smith is an accountant. With 24 years of experience, and 18 of those years as a corporate...

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  • Tracie Spencer

    Vice President of Insurance Service/Co-Owner

    Tracie Spencer has been an account manager with 13 years of experience with a focus on commercial...

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