At Community First, we understand the unique challenges faced by nonprofits. We assist with personnel and mission transitions, and executive boards. By collaborating directly with nonprofit leaders and staff, we help them to define their roles and create a strategic plan to achieve their mission.

Our team has extensive experience working in conjunction with nonprofits. In 2019, Community First President Jimmy Comer received his Certificate of Nonprofit Board Consulting from BoardSource, the Washington D.C.-based group whose mission is to inspire and support excellence in nonprofit governance and board and staff leadership. In addition, Jimmy and Chris Smith have held the following roles:

Jimmy Comer:
• Former Chairman for VET Fund
• Chairman for Forward Foundation, formerly Sophie House
• Former Secretary for Medical Home Plus
• Chairman for CJ’s Thumbs Up
• Advisory Board Member of Richmond Justice Initiative
• Volunteer for UNOS, 2016 Volunteer of the Year
• Hub Leader for Synapse Forward Foundation
• Former Hub Leader for Synapse UNOS
• 2018 Power of Good recipient
• 2019 Hanover Habitat for Humanity “Hanover Hero” award
• 2019 Safeco Agent of Change

Chris Smith:
• Treasurer for Forward Foundation, formerly Sophie’s House
• Former Treasurer for Vet Fund
• Treasurer for Checkpoint One

When you partner with Community First, you can rely on our team to understand what will benefit your nonprofit. While nonprofits are similar to businesses, there are significant differences. While both engage in commercial activities, the reason for nonprofits to engage in these activities is vastly different. Instead of answering to shareholders, nonprofits focus primarily on the good they are doing for others in our community. Since our Community First team has direct experience with nonprofits and small businesses, we can offer expertise and guidance.

Looking for Support in Growing Your Non-Profit?