As a nonprofit, your board members often must make major investment decisions. Do you feel confident that they – and you – are making the best choices? Without a background in finances, it’s tough for anyone to make these big assessments. You want to take the money entrusted to your nonprofit by your donors and grow it; investing for long-term charitable purposes is your goal – and theirs. You want to invest in stocks, bonds, funds and other high-yielding investments – but you don’t want to put your nonprofit’s funds into risky ventures. Especially in uncertain markets, that can cause a great deal of stress for all involved.

At Community First, we can advise your nonprofit board members to make smart moves for your institution’s financial health. We will create a strategic plan that is based on your tolerance for risk and takes into account your nonprofit’s goals for the future. With careful consideration, we will collaborate with you and your board members to make the best choices available to you with the information we know at the time of investing. We’ll review these investments regularly to reassess if you need to make any changes or adjustments.

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